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Benefits Of Using Rowing Machine Like Matrix Rower

One of the most recommended pieces of home exercise equipment by Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists is the Rowing Machine

rowing machine

Matrix Rower is a perfect example of a quiet exercise machine that can give you the serious results you look for in any piece of exercise equipment.

The reason is simple, it boils down to the fact that a rowing machine gives you an overall body workout AND at the same time is safe on your body.

9 Top Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

  1. Low Impact Cardiovascular Workouts – for anyone concerned about the physical problems related to high impact workouts – the use of a rowing machine can give them the cardio benefits with minimal stress on the body and joints.
  2. Ease of Use – there isn’t much instruction on how to use a rowing machine – it’s really quite easy and the chances of injuring yourself is extremely low.
  3. Inexpensive – in relation to many other pieces of exercise equipment – rowing machines are fairly inexpensive and can fit most any budget.  Perfect for any home gym.
  4. Great Upper Body Workouts – because you use all the muscles of your shoulders, arms, upper back and chest to perform a row, you get an upper body workout that will show up in lean, toned muscles.  Because you have to grip the handlebars tightly as you perform each row you will also be building up strength in your hands and wrists.
  5. Excellent Lower Body Workouts – there’s no doubt that your quads get a great workout on a rowing machine, but you will also be giving your glutes and calves a workout as well.  
  6. Weight Loss – well, this goes without saying really.  With all the exercise benefits of a rowing machine, weight loss is inevitable.  At least, as long as you don’t reward yourself with doughnuts afterwards!
  7. Stress Reduction – just like most any other exercise – the workouts from a rowing machine will help you to reduce your stress and anxiety.  
  8. Increases Muscle Strength and Endurance – exercising on a rowing machine IS an endurance exercise.  You are repeating your movements against a specific amount of weight for a length of time and that combination will increase your endurance and your upper and lower body muscle strength.   
  9. Adjustable To Your Goals – depending on the rowing machine that you purchase (use) – you can make adjustments so that the resistance is less or greater (as you need) and of course you can make adjustments as your workout improves.

The Only Problem With Rowing Machines?

Pretty much the only problem with rowing machines is the amount of floor space that they can take up.

They are not as compact as say a stationary bike but they will take up less space than some home gyms that offer alot of the same types of exercises and benefits.

The Matrix Rower

The Matrix Rower has been designed to be a serious, commercial rower with the added benefit of being one of the smoothest and quietest rowers on the market.

Top 10 Features Of The Matrix Rower

  • Seat lock offers enhanced stability when getting on or off the rower
  • Compact footprint offers easy placement virtually anywhere in your facility
  • Ergonomic contours of the seat makes intense training sessions more comfortable than ever
  • Clearly defined quick keys provide instant access to sprinting, distance rowing and high-intensity interval training programs
  • Adjustable, backlit console makes it easy to set your training goal and measure your results
  • Brushed aluminum flywheel with 10 precise magnetic resistance settings offers challenge to first-time users and experienced rowers alike
  • High-quality cord is paired with a long aluminum rail reinforced with stainless-steel strips to stand up to a steady stream of users in the busiest exercise environments
  • Can be tilted up to minimize footprint, and built-in wheels make it easy to roll the rower into storage or to a new place on your circuit training floor
  • Heel cups include quick release buckles that let users quickly get off the rower, ideal for circuit training
  • Long, reinforced handle includes a comfort-enhancing over-mold that allows both large and small users to comfortably pull stroke after stroke

If you have any questions about rowing machines or the Matrix Rower in particular, give FitnessRush a call at 770-712-5392 or email us today.

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