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Avoid Exercise Fads With the Right Equipment

Losing weight and keeping it off is not the easiest task,
especially nowadays, as we’re constantly being bombarded with temptations. Yet,
year after year, it seems as if a new exercise fad and/or nutrition plan comes
out that claims to be THE ultimate solution to longer lasting success in
fitness and health.

It’s hard to find your way through the mountain of options,
so it’s incredibly important to understand your specific needs, and to know
that the right routine fits within your lifestyle and ultimate goals and is
manageable day in and day out.

There is truly no miracle cure out there, but f you practice
healthy habits and use the right tools, you will gradually see progress over a
period of time on your path to weight loss and a better physique.

Every good fitness routine starts with a positive mindset
and the right equipment. Here are just some of the best machines on the market
to help you safely and effectively become the best athlete you can be.

Endurance e5000 Premium Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines have several benefits, like building muscles
in your upper and lower body, reducing mineral loss in the bones, and burning
calories, just to name a few.

This particular Endurance Elliptical has been built through
extensive research and engineering, and sophisticated technology to deliver a high-performance,
low impact, full body workout. As an added convenience, the elliptical is
powered through an internal generator, so there’s no power requirement

Some of the attractive features include customized exercise
profiles allowing you to save your particular routine and another user to save
theirs as well, several different program settings from mountain to hill to
interval training, and even heart rate controlled programs.

PowerLine Home Gym P1X

If you’re interested in trying strength training, and you’re
looking for a reliable machine that’s not bulky and unsightly like many
machines can be, then this home gym will fit the bill.

With a sleek design and affordable cost, a user of any size
can comfortably enjoy a fluid total body workout, without the physical stress
and strain, and can increase flexibility using the variety of training options
such as pulley exercises, biceps curls, abdominal crunches, and much more. 

Body Solid B4R Recumbent Bike

For many individuals, stationary bikes are the preferred piece of equipment at the gym, as they place
less stress on the joints than other cardio equipment, while still providing a
solid workout for riders of all levels.

This recumbent bike features an adjustable reclined seating
design distributing the user’s weight evenly, and a mesh seat back to keep the
body cool, which is particularly helpful during high intensity workouts. In
addition, there are several pre-made programs including custom options, with 24
resistance levels to choose from, and it even provides valuable information
such as heart rate, distance, and calories burned to help you set and achieve
your fitness goals.

Don’t let the latest fitness trends dictate how you work out
each day, and always make your personal needs the top priority. FitnessRush has exactly what you need to achieve your fitness goals, and we’re
ready to help you choose what’s best for you, so please visit us today! 

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