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​Are you analytic or simply like the dumb masses?

 The easiest path is of course the one of least resistance. When I go out into the woods the law of nature sometimes follows this rule and that’s where I know I will see animals walking and I can often follow their trails to determine the areas they eat & sleep. So much information is along these wooded trails that I can determine what type berries the animals eat and where they prefer to drink in the stream because of their paths.

The smarter animals realize their trails can be followed and they most of the time deviate from the beaten path to confuse the trackers whatever or whoever they may be. Though this definitely takes a bit more effort the rewards are great with everything from more plentiful eating areas not shared to less stress with any encounter unwanted, and longer life.

I smile as I reflect on the errors most humans make daily and seemingly aren’t as smart as the animals in the woods. Daily we take the path of least resistance and suffer the consequences in short order. The first of the year in my industry I love which is health & wellness brings media blitz about ways for you to get healthy. I see commercials on tv for weight loss pills, gym memberships discounted, new fangled exercise tools with in shape folks working out on them. All of these are media promo’s to help you think if you engage this or that stated commercial then you will have the best body in the world. As adults and supposedly more educated consumers I am amazed at the dumb masses who almost blindly follow the latest Consumer Reports magazine promoting fitness tools and the like. Often and even this year I have seen Consumer Reports sing the merits of treadmill manufacturers who aren’t even in business any longer, so how can this be a best buy? Blatant blind leading the blind toward incorrect purchase research.

The main reason I opened a brick & mortar store in Atlanta is to allow customers to come in and experience what effective exercise equipment feels like and the results you can experience for yourself. For years I had only a website which I continue to operate and market from but I knew there is a need for folks to come in for wellness consultation regarding exercise tools specific to their worthy objectives. Many of the mass marketers of fitness apparel also have exercise equipment on their floors discounted and here at Fitness Rush our exercise equipment will feel much different. and our brick and mortar store provide the exercise equipment we supply to our families and friends, we don’t have junk. I’m always happy when my customers come in, try out a piece of exercise equipment and say wow what a difference this equipment makes. Fitness Rush is a specialty fitness equipment provider.

As humans often we forget we have the power of choice daily in all of our decisions, attitudes, and actions. We can blindly follow the media which is always biased to their corporate agenda, whether that be concerning commercials or opinions. Or we can activate our intelligence and do a bit of research concerning the areas we want to improve with and proceed all the wiser. When we die none of us wants to be remembered as a follower of the dumb masses. To be remembered as a intelligent person who endeavored to be better is a much healthier endeavor.

Analyze where you are today regarding your health and wellness. When you decide to make effective exercise equipment choices, research what options you have and there are many. Include research with we have a cool informative website as well as nice brick and mortar store you can visit and experience. Also feel free to phone with any questions not answered on our website about any of our exercise equipment. We provide delivery and installation of all of our exercise equipment and can even provide instruction on the exercises you can perform on the equipment you choses to invest in. You will be stronger when you make individual healthy choices.

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