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Are Home Gyms Worth It?

Home Gyms can be expensive so you may be wondering if they are worth it.

For most – it boils down to cost and time.  You may pay less up front for a gym membership, but it will take up more of your time and if you stick with it (as you should) you will end up paying more at the gym than if you had your own equipment at home.

You may pay more for your own home gym equipment up front but you will save a lot of time and convenience and again, if you stick with it you will end up paying a lot less than if you joined a gym. 

So, you have to decide what your needs are before you can make a decision.  

4 Reasons To Own A Home Gym

So if you think you would do better with a home gym, there are several reasons why this would be a right fit.

  1. There’s nothing more convenient than walking into an area in your home and begin your exercise routine without hassle.  You may do it anytime of the day or night, there’s no commute time, no waiting in line for some equipment, no having to pack a bag or even wear workout clothes.  You can watch your own TV shows or listen to your favorite podcast and actually hear it.  So yes, it’s very convenient to own a home gym.
  2. If you are out of shape and slightly embarrassed about your physique – exercising at home will make it less awkward for you as you build your body up to something you’re proud of.
  3. You can crunch the numbers and compare the cost of a home gym to what you would spend at the gym.  Of course there are membership fees and personal trainer fees if you choose to have one.
  4. There are less chances of you contracting a cold or the flu since your equipment is in your home and used only by you and / or your family members.

If these 4 reasons are important to you than your decision is made – a home gym is in your future!

Our Recommendation For Your Home Gym

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer Home Gym at Fitness Rush

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer is the home gym that we recommend. 

It’s affordable, it gives you a full body workout, it’s compact and we load it up with all the accessories…

  • Mounted book filled with over 70 exercises
  • Long bar that attaches to both sides
  • Short bar that attaches to one side
  • Tricep Rope
  • Multi-grip Chin Bar
  • Nylon Strap that attaches to both sides for assisted chin-ups
  • Ankle Strap
  • 2 Single Handles

In addition – we ship it for FREE.

The Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer allows you to strengthen and tone every part of your body for the way you want to live and move effectively. 

In short, it’s exercise made simple to help you become stronger from the first time you use it. 

You will be glad for your wise investment in your health.

If you have any questions about home gyms or just want to take a look at the ones we have in our showroom, contact us at Fitness Rush by calling 770-712-5392 or emailing us.

Our showroom is located at:

2390 Satellite Blvd, Suite A
Buford, GA 30518
Map and Directions

We are looking forward to helping you with your exercise needs.

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