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​3 Stale Unproductive Workouts Used Daily, & Monkey See Monkey Do

In real life jobs that make you sweat within an hour of you progressing in your obligation is not one dimensional. Does a utility lineman just use his legs? Does a plumber just use his shoulders? Does a Fireman just use his core strength? Clear answer is absolutely not.

In most gyms today is Chest & Back workout day, yesterday was Legs, tomorrow will be Shoulders & Arms. Yes when I was a young gym rat that was our routine as well then on Thursday we repeated until Saturday. Sunday in the gym were fun days or “no harm, no foul” if you skipped. Sunday fun day in the workout room was most fun mainly because we mixed it up and each of us chose a favorite muscle group to humble each other. Choices selected were sometimes Chest, Biceps, Hamstrings, Core, and whatever exercise we thought the other needed work. To show one their weakness when they are open to see is productive. He who shows weakness to a friend should also be ready and encouraging to help the weaker get stronger.
What better way to show a friend their weakness than to humble them with complete dumbbell bicep curls to failure. One who reps the most complete wins. Oh and victory is sweet. When you do this fun routine you have an amazing time during the workout and after with great benefits not normally felt during a strength workout.

When I extract and load exercise equipment from gyms, wellness centers, apartments, I engage Legs, Back, Core, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, and Hand Grip. And then I repeat until truck or trucks are loaded. When I exercise 6 days a week as I do now a normal Gym Rat wouldn’t be able to determine which muscle groups I’m exercising. And a normal Gym Rat would try and not be able to complete 5 good reps after watching me do 20. When I exercise I have learned to enjoy each workout and have fun and feel results each workout. As I have always known when my core strength was balanced with the rest of my body my strength would seem amazing. When youngsters challenge me I invite them to suggest their favorite muscle group and exercise. As we exercise & compete in fun I remember how my body felt when I used to make the grimacing faces they do when they try to get one more rep.
When I activate my core the balance of my muscles do not have to strain. I know those folks and even I have felt a pull at belt level when performing straight line exercises. Perhaps that’s not a correct term but very descriptive of the exercises the ” monkey see monkey do” gym rats follow. A seated leg extension is a great example of straight line exercise. Your primarily working only quads, hips aren’t activated. Hips should be a part of each exercise for lower body strength.
When you go into a gym you think you can look around at the healthy folks and copy their exercises. I mean heck if they look that good and are doing those exercises then we should do them as well. Thing is they maybe were never out of shape or maybe they are veteran athletes and on a maintenance plan. Or maybe and this ain’t no stretch, maybe they learned wrong and now we are going to copy them. Errors in the gym get perpetuated daily regarding strength training by the uneducated. I was one far to many years and now I enjoy superior fitness results exercising and having more fun than I ever thought possible. Oh yeah and still smoking 16 year olds who challenge me in a dumbbell Bicep contest. It’s cool to be strong with tools I don’t normally train with like a EZ curl bar routine.
When you train for flexibility, strength, and balance, you about cover the areas you need daily. You will find out aerobic conditioning activates during each workout when you train smarter. With core strength as your main objective, all other muscle groups will activate to assist in building flexibility, strength, balance, and better heart rate. When you are balanced in strength, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility, with the rest of your muscles, your confidence grows.

Successful folks thrive when they Multi Task effectively. Balance your exercise routines to explore more effective and stronger results. You can train straight line if you are rehabilitating a certain area. When your strength grows engage more muscle groups each workout with core strength as primary.
As I train with my PurMotion gear, body weight, and occasionally dumbbells primarily ground based then I grow. I’m not much on jobs that require me to sit and I know I burn more calories and activate more beneficial muscles when I stand to exercise, or otherwise have my feet and legs engaged which in turn engages my core.
As you exercise continue to grow your mind and your muscles. Explore new effective ways to exercise. Unless you are one try to be stronger than ” monkey see monkey do” gym rats. I love gym rats, just not copy cat gym rats.

Commit to be fit, WWR

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