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3 More Fitness Myths Debunked

In an earlier post, we busted
some common myths and misconceptions about fitness and exercise. Your health is
a serious matter, and if you make decisions about it based on misinformation,
then it could prove to be problematic down the road. Today, we’re back with
another edition of debunking to make sure that you have your facts straight,
and can make the most of your daily workout.

Myth #1: You burn
more fat when you exercise on an empty stomach.

The truth is when you exercise, your body burns both fat and
carbohydrate calories. Recent studies show that working out on an empty stomach
might burn a few more fat calories than when you work out an hour or two after
eating, but total calorie burn is the same.

The choice of whether to eat or not before your workout is
actually up to you. If you’ve skipped eating, and feel tired soon after
starting your workout, and find it difficult to turn up the intensity, then it
may be better for you to eat something. If you don’t have the energy to last
through a workout, then you’re certainly doing yourself a disservice by making
that nutritional sacrifice.

Myth #2: The more
pain you have after training, the better.

While it’s good to push yourself, that doesn’t mean that you
have to finish your workout in excruciating pain. Some muscle soreness should
be expected after a vigorous routine, however, if you’re feeling pain
afterwards, it most likely means that you haven’t executed the exercise
correctly. What’s worse, when you’re in such pain, you will definitely not be
motivated to continue exercising. Also, remember that rest and recovery is
essential to your exercise routine, no matter how much experience you have, so
don’t overexert yourself beyond your limits.

Myth #3: If you don’t
need to lose weight, you don’t need to exercise.

Weight loss is indeed a positive effect of exercising,
but it’s definitely not the only reason to do so. Extensive research has shown
that regular physical activity can help prevent and stave of chronic diseases,
improve your mood, and even make you smarter! No matter how old you may be, or
how much athletic experience you have, everyone can benefit from a consistent
physical routine.

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