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2 Tired 4 Meal Time

The fitness industry has many strong reasons to be involved with a zest for exhaustion being one.

 Perhaps exhaustion is not the most descriptive word for how you feel after a solid days work spanning 16 consecutive hours. I do appreciate a nice Atlanta sunrise while I unload refurbished spin bikes into a friends Personal Training Studio. We laughed as we rolled the bikes in then rode them to insure proper working order. Morning bike rides are the best for sure.

After hours of driving back to our store, unloading exercise bikes, dumbbells, racks, balls, and steps, the objective changes to refurbishing. My days are full of new surprises and challenges which help me become stronger. Some are physical, some are mental, all help me spiritually. I believe when you want to be happy you will be. Generally we achieve what we really want and work for no matter the obstacles.
When you chose the area of the fitness industry I enjoy each day is new and different. I’ve always preferred waking before the sunrise. When you do it you will hear the amazing bird songs as the sun comes up. The birds never seem louder or happier during the day as at sunrise. My friends who awaken early each day to get a jump start have said they notice the birds as well. A neat early morning treat of bird songs like you’ve never heard before is awaiting you.
When anyone’s day starts with almost personal birdsong greetings you will enjoy early smiles. I’ve found when I smile at others they smile back. It was an experiment at first and now I enjoy smiling even more when I see others respond with same.
Even during my acknowledgment of a tired body I enjoy the almost rejuvenating effects of a friends smile. Wouldn’t it be cool to find out one day that smiles are powerful medicine in helping others through challenges? This would certainly be an encouraging reason to smile even when tuckered from a good days work.
When we put out a bit more effort in our endeavors whatever they may be, we achieve more than those who don’t use the abilities they have. When your body is truly tired and you have to make a decision about do I take time to eat, or do I shower and go to bed? Then your tired. I generally chose shower and bed with the quick dreams of a big breakfast in the morning.
When I work to the stage my body is truly fatigued and better served at rest, then I know beyond a doubt I’ve utilized the abilities and fuel I have for the day. I enjoy blue collar work more than many of my friends. To feel & understand the moving tools which assist me in moving exercise equipment is many times an art in core balance. When we push equipment from gym to warehouse to gym I enjoy the strength of my legs and back. I love my job and know I’m blessed to enjoy a vocation daily which helps myself & others become healthier and stronger.
To be fatigued more than normal after a days work is somehow refreshing. I guess in that I enjoy pushing and pulling with the target of helping as many folks as I can to enjoy fitness. Today I was fortunate to deliver equipment at dawn to Atlanta and this afternoon to enjoy an initial meeting with another Personal Trainer in Gadsden Alabama. Today’s continued objective to help the South be stronger is successful.
I might just grab a protein drink before heading toward the bed.

Commit to be fit, WWR

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