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2 of the best exercise machines for your health, reasons not to blog, and the best post workout meal

With over 30 years experience selling exercise equipment direct to the public allows me the opportunity to grow from true fitness experts. 

I have represented some of the most well known names in the business such as PurMotion, Life Fitness, Precor, Hammer Strength, BodyMaster, Cybex, TechnoGym, and more. Each equipment manufacturer has his star sales person and I always enjoyed sharing a meal and conversation learning intricate details about the process of each machine evolution. Sadly only a few manufacturers had a lesson for me to learn. Many are simply copycats. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who follows who.

When I’m calling personally on wellness centers, rehabilitation clinics, athletic facilities, or meeting a customer in my store the opportunity is always a time for me to learn. To learn how I may direct them to be healthier & stronger is a daily passion.

A smile always crosses my face and the face of each customer when I answer their question of “what is the best exercise machine you have”? My answer is always the same for the past 30 years, “whichever one you will use the most”. After we both stop enjoying the funny moment and each of us get back to business I help them find the exercise equipment they want to enjoy for a lifetime. The second best piece of equipment is whatever your friend or family will exercise on the most. The fitness equipment may be a different size, shape, and color. It’s ok to be different as you gain and maintain strength.

A simple country boy like me doesn’t like to be in public view and to me a blog is public view. We all know now anyone can see what we publish and often not what we publish. This to me is a reason not to blog. Another one is we all change our minds & sometimes form more educated perspectives. When we change our mind and edit our blog, do we get good credit always? I think not. Some narrow minded people act as they believe your first written opinion is the word and cannot possibly be changed. From my simple stand point those who want one to stay wrong are wrong.

I’m not really big on saying “The Best” however one does think for a moment and possibly strongly believe he is experiencing the best when his emotions are high. When we each step back away from that obvious fanatic we more educated people “at least for the moment” can see the person is not taking all environment factors into consideration.

For example: currently I believe I just had the most awesome post exercise meal. After a great lower body & core workout on PurMotion Clean & Jerk, and Air Fit by PurMotion I was famished. The word & manufacturer is only important if you know the equipment. If you don’t know in this case you won’t currently understand, the serious workout for athletes & everyone.

Anyway I prepared myself a bowl of Greek yogurt, with fresh blueberries, Ezekiel 4:9 cereal, & Qia cereal. Wow what a super duper post exercise meal. Included fiber, protein, & carbs, mostly organically. This was not my first best post workout meal, this was my most recent one.

Commit to be fit, WWR

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