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2 Irrational Holiday request & 3 smiles manifested

Irrational daughter request and now grand daughter

Since my beautiful daughters birthday is within a week of Christmas I allow her an opportunity to request an irrational gift. My grand daughters birthday is also closer to Christmas so now she is a participant.

I’m a dad and obviously I think different, I was vaguely thinking that perhaps my daughter would want money this year since she has been on a steady objective of being debt free. I know this wouldn’t be a fun gift to show off to her friends or something to enjoy when she wanted to hang out but I am her dad. Wishful thinking. 

Yesterday after I requested her Christmas & Birthday wish list she sent me the irrational list and actually labeled it as such via text and sent me pictures and even the web links. I do like the simplicity my daughter has learned I like. This way I can pick the gift I want her to have knowing she likes them all and all I have to do is click and order. Kinda same as walking through the store with her except this way she doesn’t know which gift I chose until she opens it on her birthday.

My grand daughter who will be five next birthday on Christmas Eve when looking at her moms phone said what is an irrational gift request? After my daughter explained her definition and that once a year I allow her this opportunity, my grand daughter being absolutely brilliant said I want to request an irrational gift for my birthday. Like daughter like grand daughter. I laughed as my daughter called me at work with my grand daughter on the phone and explained the program which will no doubt become an annual event. My grand daughter promptly got on the phone and requested a pink iPod touch. Then she immediately asked if I were going to get her this irrational gift. I tried to explain while laughing this could be her request but her mom left out the part where this remains a suggestion until she opens the gift and finds out if reality. My quick explanation I don’t think was even heard because she was persistent in asking was I going to get the pink iPod for her. I pray she continues to be this determined throughout life’s walk, focus on a worthy objective and walk forward without distractions.

I’m a grand father so we all know the results will be to increase the smiles of my grand daughter and daughter. We all realize as parents the gifts are sometimes irrational and this won’t be the last time I smile as I get the request, smile as I purchase the request and certainly smile as I watch my girls open their request.

I’m glad my daughter knows the definition of irrational request and has explained this to my grand daughter. I will reinforce such is only allowed from me during her birthday. Parents and grand parents benefit grand children most when in agreement about life’s lessons.

Cool thing is sometimes irrational gifts become learning tools and that is certainly win win.

Commit to to be fit, WW Rush.

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