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​11 Essential Items For The Best Home Gym

BodyCraft 460

Whether you’re working with an expansive basement or a
converted closet, with the fitness equipment on this list you can get in great
shape on your own turf.

Building a home gym is one way busy parents and anyone who can’t find
time to visit a gym can incorporate exercise into their routine.

Here at Fitness Rush, in Buford Ga (North Atlanta) we have new and used exercise equipment to
help you build the best home gym for your specific needs.

Full Home Gyms

We have a large inventory of Full Home Gyms. Equipment that can help you perform multiple
exercises. Just a sampling of some at
our warehouse are…

Body-Solid Selectorized Home Gym

BodyCraft Elite Strength Training System

Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym System

But if you’re not interested or don’t have the room for a large full
home gym you can build your own piece by piece with the 11 accessories and
addons that we recommend below.

We have just about every piece of equipment you could want to help you
build your home gym.

Accessories and Addons

1) Heavy Bag Kit

Many people think of a cardio workout as running. But there are other exercises that can give
you an excellent workout for your heart.
A heavy punching bag is an excellent strength builder and cardio
workout. You will not only burn your fat
away but you will build your physique into an amazing powerhouse. Make sure to buy the gloves and wraps you
need so you can begin using it right away.

2) Rowing Machines

Build up your back, shoulders and arms AND warm up your
muscles before your body building workout with a rowing machine. It does take up a good amount of floor space
so it may not be suitable for every home gym, but if you have the space, we
highly recommend it.

3) Medicine Balls

Medicine balls seem to be a staple in many commercial gyms
and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be great for your home gym.

Here’s a great video on how to 
get started using a Medicine Ball!

4) Dumbbells

Dumbbells provide you with so many different levels of
exercises. They allow you to build your
strength up and are mostly used for upper body training. But you can also use them in conjunction with
overall body exercises. An example would
be to use them while you’re on a treadmill for a more intense cardio

5) Pull Up Bar

Pull up bars are an easy piece of exercise equipment to
install and they certainly don’t take up much space. They can also give you more than just upper
body workouts. Use them for an amazing
Abdominal workouts as well.

Check out this Youtube video with 35 
exercises you can do using Pull Up Bars

6) Jump Rope

Jumping rope is not as easy as it looks! And it will take your breath away in less
than a minute if you’re not used to an intense cardio workout. In addition to working your heart – jump
ropes also help your overall coordination.

An excellent and inexpensive addition to your home gym.

7) Barbell

Barbells are not just for building Schwarzenegger
muscles. They can be used for simply
toning your body, which is what many home gym owners are looking for.

8) Weight Plates

Weight plates are an add on accessory for barbells and just like
dumbbells, you can start off with lower weights and build up.

9) Resistance Bands

Another inexpensive accessory that is perfect for any
home gym are resistance bands. And
again, you can purchase them in varying levels of resistance allowing you to
build up your strength.

Exercises that you can perform with resistance bands

10) Foam Rollers

Think of foam rollers as a self massaging tool. You can use them to help you relieve pain or
simply use them to help you stretch your muscles before and/or after a workout.

Here are some ways you can use a foam roller in your home gym.

11) Treadmill

A standard piece of exercise equipment that almost
everyone thinks of as part of any home gym is the treadmill. These days, there are many different
varieties and levels of treadmills so you can certainly have your pick from the
standard flat treadmills to ones that incline and present you with videos to
help you stay focused and on track.

If you have any questions about any of the equipment or products we
mention here or simply need some help in building your home gym, call us at
Fitness Rush today at 770-712-5392.

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