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Effective Core and Back Strength

Posted by Walter Rush on

With over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry I enjoy practicing what I preach and sharing my experiences for developing preventive maintenance for all physiques and encouraging continued growth. Walking the walk not just talking the talk.

Back injuries from crushed vertebrae in car accidents to everyday strains from abundant excessive activity are a few of the areas I have had to personally deal with and help friends overcome successfully. As we mature our back muscles, tendons, and ligaments take a beating. In addition our lower body muscles from our legs to our core when not in the proper condition actually contribute to our back issues. Since our back and core muscles literally are in the center of our bodies when we don't take proper care of our legs and upper body the abuse is magnified in our core and back.

For years even decades I have wondered if there would ever be a truly applicable exercise tool that would be cost effective. Since I am daily immersed in the exercise equipment industry this became almost an obsession. I also wanted the exercise tool to not take up excessive room and be easy for virtually anyone to start and continue to use.

Finally I have found an answer to all my desires for truly preventive injury as well as rehabilitation for core and back challenges. This tool is called the X3S and the space it consumes including all dimensions is; Length 40" Width 29" Height 15". Amazingly the price with shipping is $449 and when folks come into our Atlanta area Fitness Rush Buford Georgia exercise equipment location can purchase this unit for $50 less. There are no cables to change or maintain and only has one adjustment for leg height so the learning curve is immediate and fulfilling. I keep an X3S on our Fitness Rush showroom floor to use daily and to let you try out and feel the positive difference.

From the first rep when I show folks how the machine can benefit their body they smile and everyone says they feel their entire lower body and core activate. At first as in most exercises you feel a different orientation and uncertainty of all the benefits, however with each return to exercise on the X3S your body adapts healthier to the movement. I now begin each and everyone of my exercise routines on the X3S to warm up and insure all of my muscles are activated and to increase my circulation in the large muscle groups. As a veteran of back surgery and being 60 plus in age I fully realize the positive effects of beneficial exercise on the X3S and will always include this with my exercise tools.

The X3s consumes less space than any of my other exercise tools and is an amazing investment in your health costing less that $450, plus it's easier and quicker to use than most other exercise equipment. Every single friend, physical therapist, personal trainer, coach, athletic director, chiropractor, I have shown the X3S to has been amazed how effective this simple piece of exercise equipment helps you. Invest in your health and call the Fitness Rush team to understand how this effective and inexpensive exercise tool can benefit your back challenges. Your legs will get stronger. Your core will strengthen and your heart will benefit with increased circulation to the amazing beneficial progression of your stronger back to prevent additional injury and pain. As I have you will enjoy the positive health benefits of the X3S and enhance your Fitness Rush.

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